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Mission Statement
We band ourselves together as the benevolent arm of the Missionary Baptist General Convention of Texas to be servants to God and to be obedient to the leadership of this Convention. We intend to answer the Macedonian call through financial support to churches and Pastors in our Convention and the state of Texas.

Strategies to fulfill our Mission
– Solicit financial support from Missionary Baptist General Convention of Texas Congregations.
– Provide our mission statement to our convention, and include it in all correspondence.
– Provide an annual report to our convention during the annual setting in October.
– Solicit financial support from our convention if needed to carry on our mission.

– To strengthen our current ministry.
– To implement innovative approaches to caring for those in need.
– To make significant contributions to strengthen churches and pastors.
– To leave each meeting we attend filled with energy, hope, dignity, and mutual respect.

Core Values
Dignity: Respect for the worth of every person with special concern for the poor and underserved.
Integrity: Honesty, Justice, and consistency in all relationships.
Excellence: High standards of service and performance.
Compassion: Service in a spirit of empathy, love, and concern.
Stewardship: Wise and just use of talents and resources in a collaborative manner.


Rev. Lester J. Gillespie, Sr. (San Antonio)

Chairman Emeritus
Dr. Matthew R. Alix (Houston)

1st Vice-Chairman
Dr. F.D. Sampson (Houston)

2nd Vice-Chairman
Rev. M.C. Walker (Austin)

Executive Secretary/Treasurer
Rev. Eric R. Tarver (Beeville)

Dr. Lee A. Williams, Jr. (San Antonio)

Assistant Dean
Rev. Andrew Wilson (San Antonio)

Corresponding Secretary
Dr. E.L. Hewitt (San Antonio)

Assistant Corresponding Secretary
Rev. Fred H. Hobbs (Victoria)

Recording Secretary
Rev. Curtis G. Johnson (Beaumont)

Assistant Recording Secretary
Rev. Marlon K. Outing (College Station)

Devotional Leader
Rev. Waylon D. Sias (Marlin)
Rev. T. J. Roberson (Texarkana)