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Austin, Texas – December 12-16, 2016, President G. V. Clark of the Missionary Baptist General Convention of Texas (MBGCT), with Rev. Ivey J. Rich, Chairman of the MBGCT Foreign Mission Board, and a team of 60 missionaries ministered in Belize, Central America, honoring the convention’s commitment to take the Great Commission “from the pages to the people.” Their mission to teach God’s word, share God’s love and feed God’s people was accomplished through the power of the Holy Spirit, in cooperation with Belizean ministers: Rev. Ernest Tate, Pastor of Ontario Christian Community Church, Ontario Village; Rev. Matthias Hill, Pastor of Holy Ghost Church, Esperanza Village; Rev. George Lambey of Blackman Eddy Community Center, Blackman Eddy Village, and Rev. Anthony Goff. MBGCT pastors served wherever they were assigned or saw a need. They preached and taught God’s word, lifted boxes, drove vans, just joyfully ministering to the people—all to the Glory God.

The missionaries distributed more than 50,000 pounds of food to 700 families, plus shoes, socks and toiletries, from five different mission sights. During the Nightly Institute and Revival, classes were conducted for all age groups, and God’s word was preached with power. On Wednesday’s Youth Expo Night, the Holy Spirit touched the hearts of young people in a mighty way. A large number of them left their seats and crowded around the altar, in response to the invitation to discipleship. At the close of the youth expo service, children lined the walls to receive snacks, backpacks and school supplies, sponsored by Auxiliary President Lucille Redman and MBGCT’s Senior Women’s Auxiliary II.

A Defining Moment
The Lord provided many memorable and gratifying opportunities for the missionaries to express His love to the people of Belize. But sometimes there is a defining moment in which all one can do is say “Yes, Lord,” and follow the Holy Spirit’s lead. One of the missionaries, Sister Terrie Givens, and a few other on-lookers experienced such a moment, which was shared by Sister Marie Lair. Sister Givens saw four babies walking up to the site at Ontario Christian Community Church. Three of the children wore shoes but the youngest had no shoes. She picked up the baby, sat her in a chair and picked out a pair of shoes that the baby liked. She then reached into her bag, pulled out some wet wipes, washed the baby’s feet and fitted her with a brand new pair of sandals. She also put an extra pair of slippers into a bag so that as the child grows, she will have shoes to wear.

The other missionaries were moved to joyful praise by what Sister Givens had done. The baby was so proud of her shoes that all the time as she walked from the site, she kept looking down at her feet, smiling at her beautiful pink sandals. Sister Lair said: “This five-minute experience brought such joy, it made the entire trip worthwhile. There were so many moments, but this was the defining moment for me.” God made Himself known at every turn, and every missionary has a story to tell. This is just one of them.

Prayer Cell Home Visitations
Missionaries were organized into five prayer cells that visited the homes of fourteen families in various villages. They were happy to learn that in every home the family members had already accepted Jesus as their Lord and Savior. Each prayer cell was led by an MBGCT pastor and accompanied by a Belizean guide. Each group sang, read scripture, prayed, gave inspirational words, interacted with the family members and left a love offering with them.

Not Coincidence; Providence
Hugs were in plentiful supply, as the Belizeans and missionaries expressed mutual love and joy. Sister Oreal Lockridge shared such an experience that occurred during one of the prayer cell’s home visitations. It was another example of the providence of God. There is no other way to explain why the young lady was led to share her story with this particular missionary, and ask for her prayers. Sister Lockridge said: “As I hugged the young lady, she looked me in the eye—so frightened—and asked me to please pray for her, because she had been going through breast cancer for three years, and was waiting on surgery. It gave me an opportunity to testify about God’s goodness. I told her I was a cancer survivor of fourteen years, and that God will take care of her. I also told her I would pray for her and put her on the church’s prayer list.” That the lady was led to express her feelings with someone who is a cancer survivor, and could relate to her fears and anxiety, was no coincidence. It was God’s providence.

President G. V. Clark was led to take the Lord’s message and provisions beyond Cayo District to Laguna, a village in Toledo District, the southernmost district of Belize. President Clark described Laguna as one of the most poverty-ridden areas he has visited during the more than twenty years he has been going to Belize. He found the residents to be very gracious and receptive people—very heartwarming and open to the word of God. They were mostly Spanish speaking people, so when President Clark spoke he used an interpreter. The pastors told him nobody had ever come and brought anything to them as they did. President Clark called the visit to Laguna an eye-opening and heart-warming experience, “which God has opened as a possible extension of our ministry in Belize.”

A Labor of Love
The diligent planning and work behind the scene by Board Chairman Ivie Rich and the Foreign Mission Board, Board Coordinator Jackie Robertson, Board Assistant Coordinators Rev. S. D. Siverand and Rev. J. A. Moland, Board Travel Consultant Shonette Hill and others, under the direction of President G. V. Clark, was evident. God was glorified by the near flawless service rendered by the missionaries. The missionaries kept a rigorous schedule, similar to that of previous years, starting with 7:30 am breakfast, then distribution of food and other items at five different mission stations. After lunch, there were prayer cell visitations to homes, classroom instructions, and nightly revival. During Wednesday’s Youth Expo Night, young people praised God by singing, dancing, testifying and otherwise expressing gratitude to their awesome God. Such praise saturated the missionaries’ hearts, and continued even as they left Belize, thanking GOD for using them TO HIS GLORY!

“What shall I render unto the LORD for all his benefits toward me? I will take the cup of salvation, and call upon the name of the LORD.” — (Ps 116:12-13 KJV)

The Missionary Team:
Rev. Dr. G. V. Clark, Convention President; Rev. Ivie Rich, Chairman, Foreign Mission Board (hereafter called Board); Rev. Rickey Williams, Board Treasurer; Jackie Robertson, Board Coordinator; Rev. S. D. Siverand, Board Asst. Coordinator; Rev. J. A. Moland, Board Asst. Coordinator; Shonette Hill, Board Travel Consultant; Marie Lair, Board Asst. Recording Secretary; Rev. Eligh Johnson, Rev. Alaric “Ric” Robertson, Rev. Michael Oyedokun, Rev. Lester Gillespie, Rev. Arthur Lane, Rev. Lloyd Hall, Rev. Melvin Manor, Rev. Darron Patterson, Rev. Walter Jasper, Rev. Alton Hardeman, Carron Whitaker, Chastity Harris, Terrie Givens, Anna Lampkin, Evelen McDonald, Charlesetta Oyedokun, Michael Forney, Lela Wilson, Emmitt Pruitt, Linda Barr, Madelyn Patterson, Oreal Lockridge, LaWanda Evans, Shantell King, Kathleen Dedeaux, Felicia Moland, Linda Archangel, Bettie Wells, Lucille Redman, Gwendolyn Tyler, Shalanda Tyler, Sabrina Autman, Thelma Williams, Willie “Pearl” Graham, Earlyne Barrs, Sotaeya Debose (Youth), Myaevie Debose (Youth), Jerry Barr, Brenda Herndon, Marjorie “Penny” Robinson, Loretta Craft, Gladys Carson, Tiffany Nelson, Norma Howard, Chastity Saucer, Kathan Rich, Beverly Washington, Barbara Bookman, Patricia Diggs, Patsy Mitchell

“Also I heard the voice of the Lord, saying, Whom shall I send, and who will go for us? Then said I, Here am I; send me.” — (Isa 6:8 KJV)

Written By: Sis. Gladys Carson